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Excavator sales doubled growth for two consecutive months

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  According to China Construction Machinery Trade Network in June 12th data, in May, a total of 11283 excavators sold, an increase of 105.65%, two consecutive months to achieve double growth; for nine consecutive months, an increase of more than 50%. Analysts pointed out that the continued growth in sales of excavators, partly in demand growth, but also related to lower base last year.
  Sales continued to grow
  Data show that in May, the brand excavator sales continue to show a general situation, the advantages of superior brand performance. Of the 26 brands of excavators included in the statistics, 21 achieved year-on-year growth. Among them, 10 brands realize double growth. Sales of the top ten brands of excavators total sales of about 9200 units, an increase of 124.54%, outperforming the industry.
  The National Bureau of statistics released on the data show that 1-4 months of this year, 456 products yield year-on-year growth, including construction engineering machinery.
  The industry believes that the excavator as a leading indicator of the construction machinery industry recovery, after its sales data warmer, crane and concrete machinery sales will increase sequentially. According to the China Construction Machinery Association statistics, in April 2017, crane sales of 3058 units, an increase of 60%, the 7 consecutive month of growth.
  For excavators and other construction machinery sales growth is the main reason, China and Thailand securities analysts believe that infrastructure construction needs warmer, superimposed equipment update requirements and industry competition pattern improvement and other factors. First of all, infrastructure and real estate growth led to increased demand for new construction machinery. At present, the domestic infrastructure construction to promote the PPP mode, city rail transportation, railway and regional construction, mining, water conservancy and other infrastructure to pick up, coupled with the supply side reforms driven by coal, such as steel and cement prices, promote the large-scale engineering machinery product sales growth. Secondly, the demand for construction machinery updating has increased. Recently, the replacement of equipment in the construction machinery sales accounted for a large share. Under normal circumstances, construction machinery life in 6-10 years, is currently in the construction machinery industry peak period, 2007 -2011 has 6-10 years, the next 2-3 years, construction machinery update demand space is larger. In addition, after 6 years of in-depth adjustment of the industry, the competitive landscape of construction machinery industry continues to improve, leading companies are expected to take the lead in achieving recovery.
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