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How do I clean the fuel tank and cooling system?

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Fuel has been one of the problems for construction machinery users. In addition to various filtering measures, the tank needs to be cleaned regularly to reduce the burden of the filtration system. Here, for everyone to share the fuel tank cleaning method, in addition to the cleaning, the engine cooling system is actually need cleaning, here also will be introduced.
The simplest is purging, small air compressor can be ready. When you clean, release fuel, but be careful not to put it off and keep some of the fuel. Then the compressed air through the plastic pipe into the bottom of the tank, so that the continuous churning of diesel, cleaning, in the process of changing the location and direction of the trachea, so that the entire tank is cleaned. Blow the oil tank immediately after washing so that the impurities suspended in the oil flow out of the diesel. If the diesel oil is dirty, it must be cleaned again by the above method until the oil is released without impurities.
The steam method works well, but only for qualified occasions. If you have the condition to use steam, you can try. When cleaning, you need to put all the diesel oil, remove the tank, and then fill the tank with more than half of the water, the steam from the fuel inlet into the water, so that the water tank boiling water, about an hour or so. At this time, the glue and impurities on the inner wall of the box are dissolved in water or peeled off the wall. Two times, you can thoroughly clean the tank.
Another common method is solvent method, chemical substances used is sodium hydroxide (commonly known as caustic soda or soda). First wash with hot water tank, and then dried with compressed air, then the aqueous solution containing 10% sodium hydroxide into the tank washing, finally rinse with water inside the tank.
Cleaning of engine cooling systems also requires preparation of sodium hydroxide. Wait until after the engine flameout temperature down, let coolant, filled with 15% sodium hydroxide solution, such as 8 to 12 hours after starting the engine shutdown until the temperature rises to 80 to 90 degrees, immediately release the cleaning liquid, prevent scale precipitation. Then wash it with clean water until it is washed.
The cylinder head is Aluminum Alloy, then by sodium silicate (commonly known as paohuajian) 50 grams, 20 grams of liquid soap, the proportion of 10 kilograms of water with the cleaning liquid, adding in the cooling system, running for an hour or so, release the cleaning liquid, and then wash with water.
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