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Do you know the eight maintenance secrets of excavators?

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For our digger people, most of the time and the excavator company, has become a part of the digging machine life, it must be a good partner on this point, after all, is to rely on machines give you money to eat. In order to extend the service life of the excavator, the most important thing is to maintain the excavator well. Only when it is well maintained can the work be done with great effort. Here we make a list of eight excavator maintenance, you do what kind of maintenance machine?
Maintenance 1: daily maintenance is essential
Every day for an indefinite period of time, you have to carry out maintenance on machines. Excavator daily maintenance in fact there are many, for example, we are more familiar with the butter. Let's make a list of the daily inspection items!
For example: check and adjust the tension of the track - front window cleaning liquid; check; check the cleaning air filter; check and adjust excavator cab floor air conditioning; cleaning; when cleaning or replacement of the cooling fluid, will be parked in the digging machine level ground; check and tighten the crawler plate bolt; internal cooling system, cleaning excavator bucket clearance adjustment etc.. So many things need to be checked and checked!
Maintenance two: check before engine start
The excavator will start construction, also need to check before starting the engine, for example, check the coolant level (high water), check the air filter is blocked, check excavator engine oil level, check the hydraulic oil level (hydraulic oil), check excavator fuel level (plus fuel), check whether the normal horn check the bucket lubrication, check the oil-water separator in water and sediment etc..
Maintenance three: every 100 hours of maintenance required
Excavator normally every 100 hours is also the need for a maintenance, such as: the arm and the bucket rod connecting pin, boom cylinder head pin, bucket rod cylinder head pin, bucket rod cylinder, bucket cylinder rod end pin shaft, oil cylinder, bucket rod end check box rotating mechanism etc..
Maintenance four: every 250 hours of maintenance items
When the excavator can be every 250 hours maintenance projects are: the level of digging in the gear box (add gear oil) tight tensioning inspection, the inspection of the fan belt, air conditioning compressor belt of inspection, electrolyte examination, engine oil sump oil filter replacement and engine the replacement.
Maintenance five: maintenance items every 500 hours
In 500 hours the need for maintenance of the project are: Excavator fuel filter replacement, inspection and cleaning machine, check the radiator fin rotating pinion grease height (grease), oil cooler heat sink and chiller heat sink, hydraulic oil filter replacement, replacement of the oil in the final drive (only for the first time at 500 hours, after every 1000 hours), air filter, cleaning air conditioning system of excavator internal and external replacement of hydraulic oil vent filter. Do you have any idea of the above maintenance?
Maintenance six: 1000 hours of maintenance items
A time node is 1000 hours of digging machine maintenance, should carry out inspection and maintenance matters: level of shock absorber shell (return oil) inspection, excavator slewing mechanism is the replacement of oil, check the turbocharger all fasteners, the belt tension of the generator's inspection and replacement, replacement of corrosion protection filter the final drive box and replacing oil etc..
Maintenance seven: 2000 hours of digging machine maintenance
Excavator maintenance in 2000 hours: cleaning hydraulic tank filter, check generator, start the motor, check the engine valve clearance, turbocharger inspection, cleaning, shock absorber inspection, and so on.
Maintenance eight: more than 4000 hours of maintenance required
Excavators shall be maintained at each stage of the life cycle. Additional water pumps shall be checked every 4000 hours. Maintenance of hydraulic fluids shall be increased every 5000 hours.
Summary: it is self-evident for maintenance plays the role of excavator, excavator will appear various faults in use, regular maintenance and inspection can effectively reduce the incidence of failure, prolong the service life of the machine. Of course, according to the different types of machines and specific usage, maintenance cycle and maintenance of the project will be different.
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