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Retail car is not easy, excavator Trailer fuel tips

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In order to ensure the profits of excavator trailers, how to save oil is very important. The following is the excavator trailer truck drivers share fuel saving skills:
First of all, the excavator Trailer before going out to planned route, excavators are generally in short distance transport trailer, the driver must all be familiar with the route, do not go astray, to avoid the congested road, is a good method of fuel.
Second, the excavator trailer to maintain a reasonable speed, according to the road speed control, do not slam the accelerator or slam on the brakes.
Finally, the excavator Trailer maintenance, maintenance at time or mileage, must strictly timely maintenance, keep the habit of checking the key components of the air filter, filter and tire pressure, if you do not meet the requirements, should be timely treatment. You can also save a lot of oil by keeping good driving habits of excavator trailers and maintaining the excavator trailers on time.
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