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Excavator maintenance instructions: what are the matters needing attention when replacing the air filter?

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Excavator maintenance in the end is not in place, directly affect the service life of the machine. The air filter is a barrier to the air entering the engine digging machine, which will filter out impurities and particles, so as to ensure the normal operation of the engine, the air filter cleaning and replacement of machines are what precautions?
Before servicing and maintaining the air filter, the engine must be shut down, and the safety control rod should be placed in the locked position. If the engine is replaced and cleaned during operation, the dust will enter the engine.
Note the clean air filter machine:
1. in the cleaning of air filter, remember not to use a screwdriver or other tools to remove the air filter shell cover or external filter element.
2. cleaning should not remove the internal filter, or dust will enter, resulting in engine problems.
3. when cleaning the air filter element, don't use anything to knock or tap the filter element. When cleaning, the air filter can not be opened for a long time.
4. after cleaning, it is necessary to confirm the use of filter material, gasket or rubber seal parts, and can not continue to use if damaged.
5. after cleaning the filter element, when the light irradiation inspection, if found on the filter has a small hole or thinner part, you need to replace the filter.
6. each cleaning time to filter from the air filter assembly cover remove a cleaning number of signs.
Note the replacement of the air filter machine:
When the filter element is cleaned 6 times, and the rubber seal or filter material is damaged, it is necessary to replace the air filter element in time, and the main points are as follows.
1. remember to replace the external filter element, the internal filter element should be replaced at the same time.
2. can not use the damaged gasket, and filter or rubber seal has damaged the filter.
3. can not use the counterfeit filter, because the filtration effect and sealing are poor, dust will damage the engine after entering.
4. when the internal filter seal or filter material damage deformation, to replace the new components.
5. need to check whether the sealing area of the new filter is stuck with dust or grease, and some need to be clean and clean.
6. insert the filter element, if the end of the rubber expansion, or the external filter is not pushed, and forced to cover the buckle, this will damage the cover or filter housing risk.
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