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8 reasons for engine speed down the machine, 6 solutions are in the!

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There are many kinds of fault engine, before this has been explained to you over the noise, burning oil, carbon, the machine when the engine operates off speed and how is it going? How to solve it in the end?
As the name suggests, the engine speed down is the engine speed in digging machine operation fault falling off, speed performance is divided into two kinds, a 200 turn in slightly off speed, there is 300 more serious drop speed, at this time is likely to cause the sudden flameout of excavator. The main reasons for the speed drop of the excavator engine are the following 8 points.
1. the diesel oil road fault of the excavator, usually when the diesel oil road is blocked, it may cause the phenomenon of dropping speed.
The hydraulic system of 2. excavator fails, the hydraulic pump can not be normal displacement change, cause the system pressure is too high, it may be my fault at the same time speed.
3. excavator engine itself to output power, output power is lower than the rated power, speed is too low. There is also a problem caused by the main pump.
4. engines are too poor in fuel quality or high fuel water content, which will lead to insufficient power of the engine and cause the phenomenon of speed drop.
5. when the air inlet system is leaking or blocking, the engine gas supply is insufficient and the fuel is not fully burned, and the speed and the black smoke will occur.
6. because the gap of the solenoid valve is too large, the fuel supply is insufficient, which causes the engine to fall down.
7., the fuel system oil supply loop is loosened or the pipeline is broken, resulting in fuel leakage or foreign matter blockage, resulting in insufficient oil supply. Besides falling speed, it may cause stall.
8. the reasons for the failure are many, such as the valve gap is wrong, the injection timing is wrong, the turbocharger is damaged, the brake has trouble and so on.
Said that the cause of the engine speed down the excavator, when it should do appear off speed?
1. first check whether the diesel oil used by the excavator is deteriorated, there are no impurities in the oil, and check whether the oil road is blocked.
Check the valve clearance of 2. excavator engine, check the engine speed.
3. check the intake pipe, clean the air prefilter and air filter cartridge, and restart the engine again.
4. does the problem of the speed drop of the excavator be checked in the engine load state?
5. the engine carefully check to see whether it is the engine speed down digging machine due to engine failure.
6. in addition to the need for electronic control, hydraulic system, fuel system and so on.
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