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Excavator detonating 7 major reasons, the 2 remedies are all here!

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The hydraulic oil pipe explosion is a lot of digging masters have a headache problem, because the pipe explosion will cause leakage of the hydraulic oil, after the time-consuming and costly maintenance. So what are the common reasons for the pipe burst tube? Then the tube will be processed again to minimize the loss?
Common causes of pipe burst in hydraulic pipe
1. The use of inferior hydraulic pipe
After many people damaged the original hydraulic pipe, many people choose the poor quality hydraulic pipe for the sake of cheap price. The performance and reliability of the hydraulic pipe is far less than that of the original one.
In addition, metal joint hydraulic pipe at both ends of the pressing process, sealing performance and reliability can not be guaranteed, after a period of use, will produce fuel oil even. Therefore, the replacement of the hydraulic pipe must choose the product of the regular large brand.
2. The pressure of the hydraulic system is too high
The preset pressure of the hydraulic system will increase the probability of burst. The method is to test the pressure value produced by the main pump combined with various actions. If we confirm that the pressure value is too large, we can lower the pressure of the multi way valve appropriately.
3. High temperature of hydraulic oil
If your machine hydraulic system is high, it will also affect the sealing performance of hydraulic components and cause the leakage of bursting pipes. In addition, the high temperature will also cause the expansion of hydraulic components, leading to the failure of the spool and valve body, causing local high temperature to cause bursting.
4. The hydraulic oil mixed with different marks
The excavator usually uses 46# hydraulic oil by default. If you add 68# hydraulic oil in accessories shop during use, it will cause instability of hydraulic oil and damage components. The poor fluidity of high viscosity hydraulic oil will cause high pressure in the hydraulic system, and easily cause leakage of the pipeline.
5. Bad operating habits
If the manipulator operates rough in operation, the huge impact load will produce transient impact pressure in the hydraulic system. The impact pressure will lead to the premature failure of the high-pressure oil pipe joint and the rubber hose, and oil leakage or burst, which will greatly shorten the service life of the hydraulic pipe. In addition, the rough operation will also affect the durability of other components, so that the mechanical failure occurs frequently. So, usually operating digging action must be gentle, do not high strength and high risk of action.
6, the hydraulic pipe is corroded
Although most of the current hydraulic pipe has a certain corrosion resistance, but after all, rubber products long contact with diesel will make the colloid fluffy. Have certain adverse effects, try not to let the hose contact with gasoline and diesel, the general rubber colloid will swell fluffy on the long-term immersion in gasoline and diesel oil. Therefore, in ordinary use, it is necessary to avoid corrosive liquid contact hose, such as diesel oil, and often clean the outer surface of the hydraulic pipe.
7. Abnormal vibration of hydraulic pipe
I posted that the gear pump and plunger pump work with oil pulsation. This pulsation will cause high-frequency vibration of the hydraulic tube, and this high-frequency vibration can not be completely eliminated. Long term abnormal vibration can cause fatigue wear of hydraulic pipes. Therefore, we should check the pipe clamps and protective sleeves regularly, once the pipe clamps are loose, they will wear the hydraulic pipes and even wear the hydraulic pipes.
How should the tube be remedied after the pipe burst?
When there is a hydraulic tube burst in operation engineering, because there is a higher pressure in the hydraulic tube, in order to avoid the excessive loss of hydraulic oil, the bucket should be landed first, then shut down and extinguish, reduce the pressure in the hydraulic system, and slow down the oil loss.
If the condition of the construction site is limited, the repair measures can be taken when the hydraulic pipe can not be replaced immediately. When the rubber hose between 25-8.0MPa hydraulic system pressure rupture, can take the sticking method: the specific method is ruptured hose around wipe clean; paint "anaerobic" glue ", epoxy resin glue, glue" 801 "or" 502 "glue in a cloth wrapped with tape or glue. The 4-5 layer (each layer should be coated with glue) can play the role of temporary sealing.
In the hydraulic system of some excavators and loaders, the same specifications of the rubber hose of the same oil road are the same, but the oil pressure is different.  The broken hose is mostly the hose that bears the large oil pressure. Simple sticking or binding to the rupture of the hose; moving arm cylinder tubing large and small lumens can be used interchangeably (i.e. with tubing nonruptured under high pressure, has been damaged but after simple tubing sticking or binding under low pressure).
The above method is only a temporary emergency remedy, and the performance of the hydraulic pipe will decrease. Therefore, once the hydraulic tube is burst, the new hydraulic pipe should be replaced as soon as the condition is allowed, and the hydraulic oil should be added.
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