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Oil and water machine? The 5 main reasons are the key

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Today, talk about a fault that is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, digging machine oil inlet. If the oil is flooded, if it is not processed in time, it will cause serious consequences, such as engine crankshaft, connecting rod and other important parts deformation, causing engine jitter, which will make the engine useless. So how should we judge the oil in the water? How should we find out the cause of the water in the oil? The following is a simple explanation for you.
Five major causes of oil influent
Digging machine oil inlet light will lead to important parts of the engine crankshaft and the connecting rod deformation caused by engine jitter, even can lead to broken parts lead to engine scrap. So what causes the engine to enter the water?
1. Water plugging and leakage of engine
As the corrosion of the scale causes the water to rust out, the cooling water will enter the oil channel from the waterway until the oil bottom. This is a common cause, so check water plugs frequently.
2, oil radiator breakage
The radiator pipeline is damaged, and the water outside the radiator will permeate the oil radiator, which causes the oil to enter into the water.
3. There is a crack in the cylinder sleeve
When the cooling water and in cylinder contact, it is easy to produce crack, once the occurrence of cracks, the cooling water will directly into the cylinder, and the cylinder into the oil pan, this will make the oil turned white, and white oil will cause the engine produces poor combustion, white smoke and other issues. Generally speaking, the cylinder liner is not easy to crack, but in some cases, for example, winter cooling water does not add antifreeze fluid to cause ice, which may cause cracks in the cylinder liner.
4. The seal ring of cylinder sleeve is broken
The damage of cylinder seal ring is a common reason for oil intake. Therefore, when we investigate troubleshooting reasons, we must remember to check whether the cylinder liner seal is intact.
5, cylinder pad breakage
If the cylinder pad is damaged and the speed of the water circulation is fast, the water in the waterway will flow into the oil channel, causing the oil to enter into the water.  Cylinder block damage is also a common cause of oil intake. After every dismantling machine, try to use the new cylinder cushion, so that the leakage of cylinder cushion causes oil leakage, resulting in engine damage.
Four judgment methods for oil influent
1, observe the appearance of the machine oil, the color can easily judge whether the oil containing water. The oil that is not hydrated presents a translucent oil color, and the oil containing water presents an opaque brown or soil yellow.
2 to check whether the coolant containing oil machine. If some parts of the engine are damaged, the engine coolant will enter the lubricating system and blend with the oil. The oil in the coolant of the tank will also be found, which is easy to identify.
3. If the engine oil enters into the water, the chemical reaction will occur with the coolant in the high temperature environment, and the emulsion will be formed. Check the dipstick found above will appear white, and accompanied by bubbles.
4, when the machine oil contains a lot of moisture, oil oil will rise. At this point, we can simply judge by the level of the oil scale.
Summary: digging machine fault we can pass on the oil inlet of the oil oil color appearance, the oil level of oil, coolant observation and other aspects to judge whether the water of oil. When the engine inlet two, do not start the engine, the need for professional maintenance workers to clean up the water inside the engine, coming from the oil radiator, water plugging, cylinder seals, cylinder liner, cylinder pad and several other aspects of inspection, determine the cause of the oil inlet.
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