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Jin Gong machinery: doing fine "wheel excavator" market segment

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Earlier this year, the industrial cluster development and General Assembly was held in Quanzhou city, Fujian province, aims to put forward "Twelve-Five" at the end, developed into valued over 200 billion yuan in the machinery and equipment industry industry clusters. Hearing the news, energy industries General Manager Zeng Wenhua, Quanzhou, Fujian is very excited, he believed that in the next few years, the company will have a broader space for development.
Quanzhou jinli construction machinery company limited (hereinafter workers) is the first development, manufacturing, 360 degree revolution Quad wheeled excavator, crawler excavator manufacturers, set design, development, production and sales as a whole, are equipped with various types of imported large-scale processing equipment and the most advanced CNC cutting machine, paint processing lines and other equipment.
Target market segment taking advantage of competition
According to Chinese-language introduction, prior to 2006, he was doing foreign trade business, my brother do the business of the construction machinery industry. At that time, due to an accidental opportunity, the brothers found in chat, with the urbanization and infrastructure construction investment and development, mobile convenience, multifunctional wheeled excavator market rely more and more on small tonnage, while major manufacturers about the piece of business was very focused. Zeng Wenhua was decided, and move into a mechanical works area, specializing in small capacity wheeled excavator.
Management guru Michael Porter has said that in the narrow market area (that is, the relatively small size of the target market) operates, become the leader in the market segments, which is a focused strategy, but also small and medium enterprises should first adopt competitive strategies.
After the aimed market segment, industry began a rapid rise of off road. Company produces "fresh badge" series wheel excavators and crawler excavators, cost-effective industry-leading, could apply to transportation, city planning, landscape architecture, green, farmland, water conservancy construction and production. At present, the main chain type excavators wheeled excavators and two major product lines, including more than 80% for wheeled products, mainly the production of 6 tons, 8 ton, 10 ton, 13 tons of small wheeled excavator.
"The brand is not loud enough, the accumulation of inferior deep, we can only give full play to their advantages in terms of high performance-price ratio, quality stability, to win customers and markets. "The Chinese say, secondary purchases and repeat customer business and implementation of rapid development, maintained a 100% growth in previous years, also maintains the 20% growth last year.
Innovative routes to do "hidden champions"
To provide economic, practical, and durable equipment has always been a hard worker pursuit. For many years, in order to make their products more efficient, energy-efficient, durable, and has led Chinese employees have been conducting technological exploration and innovation.
According to Chinese-language introduction, wheeled excavator is generally imported from abroad by hydraulic fluid power-walking, but due to hydraulic system of unstable, slow walking speed, and hydraulic products of domestic support is not in place, maintaining high cost, imported wheeled excavators are not the best choice. Thus, indigenous innovation, working on equipment, hydraulic walking into a mechanical transmission, not only reduces the cost of equipment, and also make maintenance and service easier.
Chinese told reporters that the mechanical transmission improve by a factor of almost 1 time speed, making the equipment both in the lowlands and in the mountainous region, have led to rapid movement. This wheeled excavator also won the Quanzhou SME technology innovation award. In addition, active communication with clients, understanding of customer and market demand, innovation is also hard workers tick.
New launch of the "forest clamping excavator" is "brick grab diggers" and other products based on customer feedback and development needs on the basis of, at present, the product has been granted the national utility model patent. Zeng Wenhua said many companies in Europe and America, their size is not large, due to the long stick to the technical roadmap and go the classic route, breakdown products in many fields to achieve world's first so-called "hidden champions", which is well worth learning from, is the next goal.