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Excavators digging into what types of

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Digging: points forward of tunnel excavation and lateral tunnel excavation in two ways, (excavator digging work space is called a face)
1) to tunnel excavation: dig walking excavator was digging a tunnel in front of it. Application of Foundation pit excavation. Outline of heading decided, according to the performance of the backhoe and transport, in order to make the car easy to reverse and earth-moving, try to adopt the most broad wall.
2) lateral tunnel excavation: mining shovel soil on the side of walk direction lateral tunnel digging. Suitable for excavation material, earthwork mounds and channels. Characterized by Earth-moving vehicle stopped at the side of the excavator, and earth-moving machines driving directions parallel to each other. Excavators are the advantages when unloading soil rotation angle, eliminating the car back and the turning of time can improve production efficiency.